Questions & Answers

Area Of Coverage

Slicing Larger Areas Into Smaller Maps

Question: I want to have a large area covered in high detail. I understand there is a limit on how a large the map can be. Can the area be sliced into several smaller rectangles, with each rectangle be a stored in a separate map file?

Answer: In theory, it is possible to split a large geographical area into smaller maps, but there are some practical constraints with such maps. Our software treats each map "slice" as a separate, independent map and places text labels without consideration of how they are going to be placed on other, adjacent slices. So, for example, a street that spans two (or more) adjacent slices could have its label repeated on both slices, which means a certain amount of manual post-processing work is needed after you buy these maps.


Changing Fonts Or Text Styles

Question: Can I change the font or font size used in the map?

Answer: While the map file is open to any kind of change, changing the fonts can lead to label overlaps. For more information, see the Editing Of Labels section. If you want your map to use another font, you can contact us and we will prepare a custom map for you.

Font Packaging

Question: Are fonts included in the map package?

Answer: All non-standard fonts used by the map are included in the map package. Please visit the Using Maps page for all the necessary information about various map file formats and the font packaging.

Font Licensing

Question: Are the fonts royalty-free?

Answer: Yes, all the fonts we use in our maps are royalty-free (and free to use in general). For more information, see the Fonts section.

Licensing And Terms Of Use

Release Forms For Media Companies

Question: We are a media company and we want to use your maps for our media productions (movies, TV series etc.). We require signed permission to use the map, and would need a representative from your company to sign our release form.

Answer: release forms used by media companies typically have stipulations like: " is the sole owner or holder (or the authorized representative of the sole owner or holder) of the rights..." for the maps. We are not in a position to sign such a release form since for most of the maps in our store we cannot claim to be the sole owners of the rights. For example, for the maps that use OpenStreetMap data, the owners of the map data are the contributors of OpenStreetMap project and we cannot release you from the obligations specified by the license for the data (see more on the Terms Of Use page).

We have come up with an alternative wording for the release document. Please contact us and we will send you more information.