Ordering Custom Maps

In addition to the maps we have in our store, we also make custom maps for our customers. We can cover a different area of the world (different part of the city, another city etc.), make a more detailed map of a smaller area or an overview map of a larger area, prepare an extra map theme or even use customer-provided fonts for the custom maps.

Looking For A Map Of Different Area?

Often our customers like a particular map, but it does not extend quite far enough for their needs. Or they like the map style and they want a similar map covering another place. If this is the case for you, please write us a message through the contact form. You can describe what kind of a map you want and you can also specify the area yourself using the Map Tool provided at the bottom of the contact page, as described in the following subsection.

Specifying The Area

Below the Message textbox on the contact page there is a checkbox that turns on the Map Tool:Checkbox for turning on the Map Tool on the contact page Once the checkbox is checked, a map appears at the bottom of the page. In order to specify the area, first move the map to the area (or use the search text box to find the right place), zoom in or out so that your area covers most of the visible map and click on the "Place box" button:"Place box" button in the Map Tool It will place a rectangle on the map representing the area you want to cover. You can resize the rectangle by clicking and dragging its cornes or move it by clicking on the center handle. As you change the coverage area, an indicator on the top left corner of the map displays the approximate size of the area in real-world units.Area coverage rectangle placed in Map Tool

Once you are satisfied with the area boundaries, click on the Send message button to send the message to us. Your area coordinates will be automatically included in the email message.

Using Different Fonts

As explained in the Editing Of Labels section on the Features page, due to the way how text labels are placed on the map, it is not very easy to change the characteristics of the text (font family, size, weight etc.) on an already packaged map. If you want the map to use fonts different from the default ones, we can make a custom map with your selection of fonts. If the fonts are available in open repositories (like Google Fonts), just send us links to them, in other cases we will require .ttf font files from you so we can produce the map.


There are certain constraints on how large an area can be covered by the map and how detailed the coverage can be. Please visit the Level Of Detail section for more information.

Ordering Process

After we receive the message from you, we will send you a response with the price quote and any additional inquiries that we need to make the map. Once you agree with the terms, we can start with the mapmaking process. It can take up to 48 hours for the map to be finished but usually we try to make the map in less than a day, if possible. You do not need to pay for the map in advance, we will send you the link to the new map once it is done and you will be able to preview it and purchase it via PayPal (see our Buying Maps section for more information).