Vector map of New York, USA in Adobe Illustrator and PDF formats

Gmap metropolitan map theme

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Map theme:
Metropolitan-level theme using a style that resembles Google Maps
place names | motorways and major roads (with labels) | minor roads | railways | airports | water, forests, parks, residential, medical, educational, sports landuses
151 x 101 cm (59.3 x 39.8 inch)
Map scale:
1 : 20,000
Map projection:
Web Mercator
Package file size:
2.4 MB (Adobe Illustrator) | 1.7 MB (PDF)
Fonts used:
Arial | Oswald | PT Sans Narrow (all non-standard fonts are royalty-free and are included in the map package)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other maps of this place?

Yes, please see our other maps of New York.

Is this really a vector map? How much can I zoom in?

Yes, this is truly a vector map. You can zoom in as much as you like without affecting the resolution. Note that some of our maps do have raster layers included, and these have a limited resolution. Try out one of our free sample maps to see the maps in action.

The map preview below only shows you a bitmap snapshot of the vector map, and for practical reasons the preview is limited to certain zoom levels.

Is the map fully editable?

Yes, the everything you see on the map can be edited and styled differently. You can try out one of our free sample maps to see how the map is structured.

I do not need certain map features, can I hide them?

Yes, features on the map are organized into layers which can be hidden or edited individually. You are welcome to try out one of our free sample maps to see typical layers on our map.

Which file format should I choose?

If you need to edit the map in Adobe Illustrator and you need access to layers (to turn features on or off by layer, for example), then we suggest the Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format.

If you intend to use the map in Adobe Illustrator, but you do not need layer information, then the PDF file format is perfectly fine. Illustrator can import PDF files, but it does not support PDF layers, so all of the map features will be placed in a single, flat layer. You can still edit the map, it is just that the map features will not be placed into separate layers.

If you want to use the map in some other software (like Inkscape), then the PDF file format is the one for you.

The map does not cover the area I need

No problem, we can make a map covering a different area for you, quickly and at affordable prices. Please contact us!

Map coverage

The blue shape shows the area that is covered by this map: